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Poetry Friday: Skipping Rope
head shot
This morning I picked up a new jump-rope for my youngest, as a birthday surprise.
She turns six in just a few days, which makes her old enough to skip, hop and jump; count past 100 ; and rhyme in time. All of which makes me trip over the lump in my throat.
There’s just something about six that is so… kid-like. Y’know?
She moves around these days in a mighty body. She plunks her feet on her handlebars and steers her bike downhill. She performs acrobats on her bunkbed ladder. At school, her only disappointment is when a swing isn’t available at recess.
Meanwhile, clever witticisms burst forth like little exhales. Her dad and sister and I are her happy, captive audience and granted, we’re biased, but she’s funny!
Thus, the jump-rope – the perfect synthesis of physical vigor and brainy vim.
Here are a few skipping rope rhymes to get her started. She can make up the rest herself. Sigh.
Red hot pepper 
in the pot –
gotta get over 
what the leader’s got.
10… 20… 30… 40 .....
Two little dickie birds sittin' on the wall
One named Peter, one named Paul
Fly away, Peter, fly away, Paul
Don't you come back 'till your birthday's called 
Fly away, fly away, fly away all.
Raspberry, strawberry, apple jam tart.
Tell me the name of your sweet heart.
A… B… C…
Ice-cream soda, lemonade punch.
What is the name of your honeybunch?
A… B… C…
I might just have to give that rope a whirl myself. 
See if I can get all the way to W, in honor of the birthday girl. 
Happy Birthday, Honeybunch.

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What a great idea for a poetry friday post!

Now I keep thinking of the game we used to play with the ball.... "A, My Name is Abigail. My Husband's Name is Alex. We come from Albuquerque and we sell Apples!"

This jump roping is too fun...my girls had a jumprope-a-thon at school yesterday to raise money for the America Heart Association. Boys and girls were crammed in the school gym, chanting rhymes to the beat and swish of the ropes.

Many, many best wishes to a special birthday girl! She must be in such anticipation over her upcoming celebrations!

oops! That last message was from me. Have a great weekend!


My favorite one is Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack...


Wow, thanks guys. I love remembering these...

Also, by the by, my clever friend Shannon (www.ShannonLowry.com) has an amazing manuscript called Ruby and Esme that plays a bit with skip-rope rhymes. Let's hope it hits the shelves soon!

yup, you did it again. tears.
ramona has recently joined in to a 1st grade book club in travis heights. now i'm thinking it's time to round up a few zilker kids who might be interested, and we can move this thing into the 'hood. do you think willa would be interested?

Nicely said

"the jump-rope – the perfect synthesis of physical vigor and brainy vim."

I love that. I want to start jump roping again after just a 25 yr break. Bring back the jump rope!

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