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Poetry Friday -- Better Late than Never
We are just home from the 

I kid you not.

We were out in our canoe on Ladybird Lake. 

I had to ride like Cleopatra in the middle of the boat due to my tweaky back.

Hubby and girls paddled and we found ourselves amidst the most spectacular floatilla of canoes, kayaks, inflatable rafts and other seaworthy craft.

Everyone, it seemed, had a glow bracelet or two, a cooler of watermelon and a zest for all things pyrotechnic.

The symphony played. 
The cannons blasted. 
The wind blew. 

It was chilly. 
In Texas. 
In July.

And then, just as the show began (so close we could smell the sulfur), a train moved over the water behind us.
And stopped.
To watch. 

They just shut that baby down and we all sat under the spell of sparks and swishes and booms.

The grand finale went on forever.

And as we turned our boat to paddle home, the engineer blew a long, happy whistle.

Good night....

By Carl Sandburg

Many ways to say good night.

Fireworks at a pier on the Fourth of July
      spell it with red wheels and yellow spokes.
They fizz in the air, touch the water and quit.
Rockets make a trajectory of gold-and-blue
      and then go out.

(Read the rest here...)


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TadMack says: :)

Oh, Liz. Happy, happy, HAPPY everything. Hope your back feels amazing.
And, good night...

Thank you, my friend. And good night to you, too....

*sigh* That is just about perfect. Thanks for bringing us along.

Glad you were with me. :)

What a great poem that I'd never read before. Thanks!

Jules, 7-Imp

I know. Isn't it a little gem?

Dude! I almost posted that one myself, but couldn't sort out if it was copyright-protected or not, and I couldn't bring myself to cut it!

Great minds, my friend. Great minds...

(Deleted comment)
Oooh, very nice, Liz. A Good Night indeed.

Maybe this is a strange moment to stop lurking and let you know that I read your blog, but this was just such a glorious post I couldn't resist. I'm starting my 6th day in Oaxaca and have gotten surprisingly homesick, even just for a simple English phrase on the streets. I was checking email and thought of dropping by. I'm so glad I did. It feels like home, and I feel ready to struggle through another conversation in Spanish.
-Kelsi Davidson

Oh, yea!!! Hi, Kelsi. I'm so glad you stop by sometimes.
Bueno suerte to you. I love Oaxaca. Remember that if you need a little English, you can always talk to yourself :)

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