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Poetry Friday -- Reading Aloud
Wednesday night marked my last class of the semester and to celebrate, we turned our classroom into a coffeehouse for a final reading.

Each student brought his or her portfolio to the podium and read aloud to the rest of us while we noshed on cookies and cider. I even lit candles, which I think were made somewhat irrelevant by the flourescent lights, but it's the thought that counts.

The students loved hearing their classmates' final versions, having given input to earlier drafts, and I loved the concrete acknowledgement that this is what they accomplished these sixteen weeks -- these lovely, evocative, well-crafted poems.

A number of these poets seemed to dread the act of reading aloud before reading, but there was a palpable pleasure in the air once things got rolling -- emanating from the readers and the audience. Poetry aloud is just beyond compare.

So, in that vein, I want to share with you this site for the PBS series The United States of Poetry
You'll find some mighty good listening there.

For example, check out this one -- in spoken word and sign language. 

I am grateful there are so many ways to speak. And to listen...

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Sounds like you and your students had a very fulfilling and uplifting semester. Candles were a nice touch!

Thanks for the USOP site!

It was really great -- one of my best in terms of dynamics and productivity...

You'll live the USOP site -- lots to feed on...

TadMack says:

Never mind the fluorescents -- I adore candles being lit while cider is being imbibed and cookies nibbled. It makes the whole poetry portfolio experience seem very grown up and sophisticated. What a fun teacher you are.

I hope so -- that was the intent anyway. I strive for grown up and sophisticated at least once every few months...

Oooh, what fun. I wish I could have been there to applaud!

That sounds like a wonderful day for you and your students. Happy sigh.

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