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Haiku 4 -- April 4, 2015
My best birthday present this year is how many of you are joining me in writing a haiku each day!
I've been doing this mostly on my own, every day in April, for seven years.
But it is such a fun and easy and accessible practice to share.

So if you're one of the folks who've been writing along with me -- thanks!
And if it's not, feel free to join in starting today!
No better occasion than a birthday to remind ourselves that it's never too late to start anew....

Haiku 4
April 4, 2015

Everything is new --
rose bud, wind, spring rain.
But I'm forty eight?

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New, for a given value of newness... the roses have existed before, the wind and the rain, we have always had with us.

But you?
You're all new.

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