Liz Garton Scanlon (liz_scanlon) wrote,
Liz Garton Scanlon

The Poetry Princess Project

This poor little neglected blog.
It's just been sitting here with its jacket on and its shoes laced up even though I've given it not a thing to do for ever so long.
Until now.

I am delighted to say that I -- along with my pals The Poetry Princesses (Sara Holmes, Tanita Davis, Andromeda Jazmon, Laura Purdie Salas, Tricia Stohr-Hunt and Kelly Fineman) -- have committed to 12 months of poetry challenges starting right this very minute.

Each month we'll take on a different form or theme and then we'll share our efforts on the first Friday of the month.
At least that's the plan.

So. We started with triolets.
Eight lines. A very simple rhyme scheme.
No problem, right?

Iambic Tetrameter.
As my kids would say, "Awkward."

But because we seven are not just princesses but also brave warriors, we forged ahead.
And many tries later, here's mine.
(It was inspired by this story, which is awesome because it's about things like the dawn of creativity. Zoinks.)

Ancient Hands

A handprint on a sandy wall                                  
The DNA of everyone                                            
As old as God, as large, as small                                 
A handprint on a sandy wall                                 
The head ingenius, heart enthralled                                
Started then what’s still not done                                
A handprint on a sandy wall –                                   

The DNA of everyone

Tricia is hosting Poetry Friday today, where you can find all of our triolets but also lots of poetic contributions by others.

And here are the rest of the triolets!

Laura's Rowing to the Future
Andromeda's Joe's Fire
Kelly's A Triolet
Sara's Antidote
Tanita's Perfected
Tricia's Letting Go

Now we're moving on to villanelles, which we'll share on February 6th.
Try one with us if you'd like!
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