April 1st, 2015


Haiku 1 -- April 1, 2015

Oh, I'm so happy to welcome April to the world.

March behaved like a lion on both ends this year, and I'd like for life to be a little more lamb-like for awhile. No guarantees, of course, but it doesn't hurt that it is National Poetry Month, which means -- for me at least -- undertaking the practice of writing a haiku each day for the next 30 days.

I've been doing this for quite a lot of Aprils now, and it is the most lovely meditation and you're welcome to join me if you'd like. I'll be posting here, and on Facebook and Twitter, but you can participate in whatever way you'd like -- in my comments, on your own blog or facebook, in a journal.

I'll talk a little bit more about haiku over the next few days but for now I'll just say that in my mind, the purpose of this practice is to slow things down a bit, to take a breath and take note of what's going on around us. To devote just one small chunk of time each day to awe, humor, wonder, beauty or surprise.

That's it.
That's all.
Ready? Go....

Haiku 1
April 1, 2015

Sky, are you up high
or in the rocky bottom?
Green clouds, glassy sea