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Haiku 28

moth in the raita
shakes the yogurt from his wings
we still eat outside

There is all the worry about co-existing with wild creatures in our decreasingly wild world -- 
we've stolen their habitat, they get into our garbage. 

But sometimes it's less complicated than that.
It can be lovely, surprising, funny.

There was a grackle in the Whole Foods today and I assure you, he was not panicked.
He was, in fact,  totally satisfied. 
And then, tonight, eating Indian food with friends, we had this run-in with a moth.
It was momentary. 
Kind of funny. 

And then it was over, the moth flying toward its next pretty light. 
And we, moving onto a delicious nutty naan.


Haiku 29

your birthday morning
brisk air, thin moon, and bird song
a happy new year

My husband and I share a birthday month.
I kick it off with a little Aries impetuousness, he closes it out with typical Taurus patience.

And today, this particular birthday, feels especially hard-won and a long time in the coming.

This time last year he was still at the front-edge of quite a brutal cancer jousting. 
(Which, by the way, he won.)
Bring on the bird song...

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