April 11th, 2009

head shot

Poetry Friday -- Haiku 10

I had in mind today to post about the requirements of haiku.

There are rules with which I'm working when I sit down to what has essentially become a purely meditative practice in just ten days, parameters I keep in mind even as I am working on a purely sensual level.

I was going to write about those today (which, if I'm honest, is already yesterday).
But the girls had the day off of school and there were eggs to be dyed.
I was lucky to get my haiku penned and a load of laundry done.

So, the rules and regulations can wait.
Or I'll bet you can find them elsewhere, written by people who are good with rules and regulations.
Me? Not so much...

Haiku 10

chicken eggs hard boiled
the cats watch us dye them blue
everything is new

-- Liz Garton Scanlon