April 6th, 2009


National Poetry Month -- Haiku 6

A friend got me hooked on this Eagle Cam, which is live streaming video of a bald eagle mama and her partner, nesting in New Jersey.

Often, the mama just sits there, acting like a hot water bottle, but every so often her guy comes by and they stand and chat for a bit. Yesterday she undertook a sort of rolfing activity, rolling her heavy breast over the eggs with vigor.

So maybe it's no wonder that this morning, one of the three eggs hatched!
I didn't witness it happening, but soon after, the mama stood up and there was her eaglet -- fuzzy and bright.
The other two eggs, apparently, need a bit more massage before revealing their treasures.

I hope it doesn't mess with my mission (to use haiku to interact with the actual) if my subject today is a couple thousand miles away and I'm only there via web cam. Somehow it feels very up close and personal to me...

Haiku 6

Hook-nosed and heavy,
eagle sits still on her nest.
We are all earth-bound.

-- Liz Garton Scanlon