December 28th, 2007


Poetry Friday -- Snow

In the past six days, I have not blogged. 

Instead, I've gone sledding 5 times, taken 4 hot tubs, shovelled 9 steps twice, built two snowmen, carved one block of ice into a baseball mitt, and eaten more than my fair share of Christmas cookies. 

Also, I've seen 11 wild turkey, a dozen deer, 2 pheasant, zillions of cardinals and chickadees, countless greedy squirrels and a huge hawk. 

Everybody's hungry in Wisconsin in the wintertime.

I do love the beach and the heat and the tropical drinks with umbrellas in them, but I have to say that nothing beats a good snowstorm to conjure up the Christmas spirit.

So today, what I've got time for are a few seasonal haiku. And then I'm headed back outside....

Boots, mittens, striped scarves,
snowpants, parkas, hats with flaps.
Less prepared than birds.
Flakes fill like popcorn
the meadowy bowl out back –
snowmen eat it up.
Two brave girls, one sled,
the hill steep and slick and bright.
Each ride’s bottomless.
In the end, a fire,
hot chocolate, a good book.
& wishing for more snow.

I hope this finds all of you still enjoying a little vacation, family togetherness and peace & quiet. Amidst the weather you love most. And that you are looking forward to a new year full of productive goodness and sweet surprises. My best holiday wishes and blessings to you all. Thanks for stopping by so often to visit with me. I'm grateful...