December 11th, 2007


Words, words, words...

Who'da thunk you could spend a number of months revising a couple of hundred words? 
Well, you can. 
It's worth it to be sure, 'cause I like what's there now better than I did before.
But my focus is kinda shot. 

I've  got a picture book manuscript in progress, a middle grade novel in progress, 3 manuscripts making their way in the world and now I'm ditching it all to do something I can't seem to stop. 

I have to admit, I love it when that happens...

(PS -- I forgot about my new pledge to end every post with a gratitude. Sigh. I'm terrible at resolutions. So, backtracking to last Friday's poetry post -- I'm grateful to folks like Rita Dove who can find in themselves better words than I. And to Monday's post about intentions and expectations, I'm grateful for our sweet little Christmas tree sitting all lit up amidst the spinny life at our house. And today I'm grateful for the muse. Very grateful. Oh, and for The Writer's Almanac, which is on RIGHT NOW. Gotta go...)