November 22nd, 2007


This Week I Am Grateful -- The Guest Blogger Post

Happy Thanksgiving. Again. 
In case you haven't stopped by this week, I've been posting all sorts of gratitudes -- 
here, and  here, and here.

And today being the real, genuine day, I planned on posting about school holidays... about the cold front that moved in last night... about the Turkey Trot I'm running this morning... and about the group of 22 beloved kids & grown-ups we'll be celebrating with this afternoon. 

Utter goodness.

But then my nine-year-old trumped me. Here's what she wrote yesterday:

I Am Thankful

Are you wondering what being thakful is? 
Well I think being thankful is being grateful for something. Maybe likeing it. Maybe you are looking forward to something so you are thankful for being able to do that. 
Here is what I'm thankful for:
I'm thankful for family. My sister, my mama, my daddy and my other relitives. 
I am also thankful for playing. Playing with friends, cusins and pets. Those two things I just said have to do with people. 
I am also thankful for Joy. Joy and Happyness. Those come out of the heart.
I am thankful for vision and strength. Those two things have to do with my body.
I am thankful for school and creativity. Art, sewing. I am creative.
And last but not least LOVE. Love is a great thing. It's one of the things that holds family and friends together. 
I think I am lucky because others don't have as mutch as me. I will help them.

Pretty much sums it up, don't you think?