November 4th, 2007


Joy like a Fountain

I've got this little song stuck in my head. 

I heard it on a very fine Elizabeth Mitchell CD (and can I just get a big hoo-rah for people like her who truly understand that kids do not want or need insipid schlock in place of music?).

So, this song I want to learn on my dulcimer.
Which I haven't exactly mastered. But I might, for this little ditty.

I've got peace like a river in my soul (repeat, in all sorts of lovely melodic riffs)
I've got love like an ocean in my soul (again with the lovliness)
I've got joy like a fountain in my soul (and so on)...

Isn't that just enough to make you want to throw up your arms and suck in the blue sky with vigor?

We've had a blue-sky-with-vigor kind of weekend here. 
My mom's visiting and is currently cutting out a pattern with elder daughter, who's quite the seamstress. 
Afterwhich she's going to make a special dessert with younger daughter, who's quite the chef. 
Already this weekend we've been to the Texas Book Festival, with all its usual wit and wisdom, and to the Westcave Preserve, home to an ecosystem so precious and fragile that you have to hike with a guide to ensure you don't disturb things. And we've eaten take-out Chinese and frozen custard and drunk a few bottles of nice white wine. And we've walked the dog and played numerous card and board games and hung out at a couple of parks and just generally loved life. In a peaceful, non-rushy-around kind of way. The gods of the clock even granted us an extra hour of goodness today.

Tomorrow, though, is a Monday. 
Mom leaves on a crack-of-dawn flight. 
The girls will come home with homework in their backpacks. 
And the calendar is populated with, well, obligations. 

So my thought is to keep some peace like a river and maybe a dash of joy like a fountain and most certainly love like an ocean in my soul. This week. And next week. And through this next stretch of time (sometimes referred as holiday hell). Right? Suck it in, friends. With vigor....