October 29th, 2007

Ferry Wake

On our own

This morning my husband leaves for the third week in a row on the road. He was home for little chunks of time in between trips, and I'm pretty sure this is it for awhile so I shouldn't whine, but boy-oh-man does it get old.

I know some of you are single parents and that others of you have spouses who actually travel all the time every week, and I am bowing down in wonder and bewilderment. Are you extra resilient and organized and clear-headed, or do y'all just drink more wine and coffee than the rest of us?

For me, the tough bits are a little bit morning (we generally sort of swap off on getting the kids to school) and a lot evening (that stretch of time from about 5-8:30 when things like piano practice, dinner, double-checking homework, walking the dog, playing cards, reading aloud, bedtime snacks, cuddling, reminding girls to turn the lights off and reminding them again all has to happen. Right when we're at our most wrung out. There's a reason this is oft-referred to as the sour hour.) And then, to top it all off, we just miss 'im, the three of us.

My sister, whose husband travels a heap more than mine does (and she's living in the bush in Tanzania so add just a tad bit of isolation in), says the key is to do something different. 

Read aloud during dinner. 
Have friends over in the middle of the week. 
Rent a movie.

I think she's right, and lucky for us it's Halloween week (are any holidays confined to single days anymore??) so we've got cotton balls to glue onto lamb costumes and pumpkins to carve and, in a pinch, a black cat cookie cutter we could press into service. Plus it's fall in Texas -- crisp and lovely -- so the dog walks can be longer and more vigorous than usual. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go decide what kind of pancakes to make for supper tonight...