October 22nd, 2007


First Person

When I woke up early this morning it was cold and rainy.

Seriously, seriously chilly.

And I've been getting just a tad bit tired of 90-degree days so I put the kettle on and didn't give my running shoes another thought. 

Instead I came to my desk and began transforming my latest manuscript from a 3rd-person story into a 1st-person story.

I realized last week that this had to happen but I didn't make the time to tackle it. Probably because I was a little disgruntled. Because I had just finished it. Sigh. 

Couldn't I have realized this rather critical detail a few weeks back? 
Y'know, so this all could've happened in a more orderly and efficient fashion.
Are there people out there who really lead linear lives??? 
Nevermind. Don't tell me. I'd rather not know.

Anyway, I walked my way into it this morning and I was right! This is what it needed!

I'm not done, but I'm so happy. 
And the weather doesn't hurt, either.

Sometimes all you need is a little change of perspective...