September 26th, 2007


Nominating Leaders

 Yesterday afternoon we had the usual gaggle of girls at our house to play. 

My role's usually quite limited during these dates, to something like Keeper of the Snacks and Band-aids.

But I observe and overhear. 
A lot. 

Here's yesterday's snapshot:

Our first-grader and her chums spent more than an hour on the back deck, messing with a bunch of markers and tape and recycled materials. Making something for their art teacher at school. They thought she might be able to use the final, spectacular creation to hold her paints. 

Remember, this is the supposed 'Generation Consumption', always needing more and new and now. 
And rumour has it that they're spoiled and a tad on the selfish side.
Also, according to the researchers, they don't have the attention spans to stick with anything for more than five nano seconds.

Hmm. I don't think so.

Maybe they all just need a little space, a little downtime and a pile of tape and old styrofoam.
I'm just sayin'.

Meanwhile, down the hall, elder daughter and her... well... her colleague, have opened The Office of Cultural Experiences in the United States. They are answering phones and taking notes. They are, apparently, tasked with assisting folks who've moved here and are struggling in one way or another. What a concept. 

When I walk into the room, my daughter's helping an imaginary someone with 'friendship troubles'. 

Oh, also, they inform me, "We have another company that does global experiences."

Which means, I'm pretty sure, that not only do they care about the whole entire world but they're willing to help out where they can.

Umm, can you think of any reason other than the fact that they're not old enough to have driver's licenses, that these gals shouldn't be in charge of, well, the planet?