September 19th, 2007

book cover

Wheee -- I Love Momentum!

Remember back in July when I was doing backflips off the roof because I'd sold my next book to Harcourt?
Well, now I'm doing full gainers.
'Cause the editor I've been looking for all my life has said yes to another manuscript.
 And it's giving me a bit of a lift.

This one we'll call World (in case the title evolves) and like Wind, it will be illustrated by Marla Frazee
(I'm doing an extra triple twist over that fact...)

Actually, World is cutting in line and will come out before Wind (which is the book I announced in July).
Which means this has to be a very short post because I am in the middle of revisions as we speak.

Not that I'm complaining. 

Recently I've written about not sleeping and about feeling like a freight train and this is what I mean. 

There is something about the momentum created when things start falling into place that is almost scary until you start saying, "wheeee!" I think it's that there are all those days in our lives that feel like a push or a slog or struggle or a drag, and when we find ourselves on a fast float to joy -- thanks to luck, perservance, good timing or all the stars being lined up where they should be -- it's surprising. And overwhelming. 

In a good way, but still. 

As a friend said to me the other day, "What did you think was going to happen if you kept working and putting the work out there?"

This, I guess.

So, bring on the all-night single-minded freight train of the muse. 
I'm at the ready. With my bags of gratitude well packed.