September 6th, 2007


Coming of Age

 This week, my elder daughter came flying home from school with "good news, Mama!" 

And she proceeded with the big announcement. 
"Up until now, we've been learning to read," she explained, "but this year we're reading to learn!"

I mean, this was like winning the lottery. The kids lottery. 
Nevermind Disney Land or cotton candy or sleepovers on a school night. She'd hit the jackpot here.

First, Yea! for her teacher who put this little p.r. machine into motion.

Second, Yea! This is our kid who's this psyched about reading. And learning. Double yea!

Third, it's her birthday. Tomorrow. She'll be nine. Nine years old.
This would be baby #1, the one who turned us into mom and dad. Gulp.
And now she's reading to learn. 
Which, new shoes and pocketknife aside, is a mighty fine birthday present.

Go get 'em, baby.
The world's your oyster. Or library, as the case may be...