September 4th, 2007

head shot

Moving Forward

The folks from the city are doing all sorts of repair and reconstruction to our street -- and the pipes underneath our street -- these days. We live in an older neighborhood downtown and I guess everything's showing its age. 

So, not to complain ('cause I like running water and drivable streets as much as the next gal) but from where I sit you'd think that the trucks out there only drive in reverse.

(Now's the time to conjure up your own little "beep... beep... beep... beep..." Y'with me?)

And what I'm thinking is, what if we had those incredibly shrill and incessant warning systems installed on our own selves? They could be brain triggered to go off every time we started slipping backwards in our lives, or retreating, or digging into old habits. Maybe we'd annoy ourselves into kickin' it in and moving forward.

You think?