August 27th, 2007


Slow Down for the Flashing Yellow Lights

Our kids went back to school this morning. Did yours?

Sheesh, that is a rude awakening after a summer full of sleeping in -- the alarm at 6:45 (even if it is set to sing like little birds) -- the sandwich making and cereal bowls -- the backpacks and sneakers.  

But suddenly there we are, standing in front of school as fresh as daisies, with a 1st grader and a 3rd grader at the ready. Which makes me want to check the dates on their birth certificates since I swear they were just born. 

I get all knotted up over days like this. I mean, I really really really-to-the-power-of-ten want my writing routine back. And it is rather nice to have wiped the kitchen counter and realize nobody's mucking it up all day. Plus, I go back to teaching on Wednesday and my syllabi aren't finished and I need this time to get a grip. 

But the thing is, I really like my kids. To hang out with. And I really like summer. Swimmin' and road trips and big ol' stacks of books from the library. 

You know how dads of yore used to warn their progeny to prepare for the hard, cold reality of life? Well, I'm not that keen on hard, cold realities. I like warm and lazy. Slow and dreamy. Fun and funny. 

But not to worry. It's still about 100 degrees here so I'm in no danger of catching a chill. And I'm working on a picture book revision with my dog at my feet and a couple of mini-Tootsie Rolls at my elbow. And tonight, no doubt, the girls will buzz like fireflies with the news of the day. That is sure to be fun and funny.

Chin up. Onward through the fog...