August 14th, 2007

head shot

Red Rose

So today my girls were busy assessing their personalities using the sophisticated and highly scientific "quiz" format, to find out if they're Sassy Scholars or Awesome Adventurers, Hermione or Harry, Mint Chocolate Chip or Vanilla .  

And daughter #2 comes flying into the bathroom (I'm in the shower, and I can write an entire post about that particular pet peeve some other time) squealing, "Mama! Y'know how I used to be a white daisy??? Well, now I'm a red rose!"

Only my little flower doesn't exactly have a handle on her r's yet so what she really said was "... now I'm a wed wose!"

First, I kind of giggled -- I love it when she says things like wed wose and I may be just the littlest bit bereft when she gets all proper on me.

Then I had to stop giggling because I had water up my nose. Which reminded me that I oughta be ticked off because she'd just come flying into the bathroom while I was trying to take a shower.

But I wasn't because I was too walloped by the notion of how easy it is for kids to transform themselves. One week a daisy, the next a red rose. One week a soccer player, the next a horseback rider. One week a reader, the next a math whiz. Just like that. 

Envision something new, rename yourself and go.

Wanna call yourself brave or sexy or whip-smart?
Wanna call yourself intuitive or funny or visionary? 
Wanna call yourself a writer?

Go ahead, do.