July 15th, 2007


Tell an Author You Care

So, tomorrow is "Tell an Author You Care Day," according to Whimsy Books, and I think it's a swell idea.

It's a dang shame we do all the gushing we do behind people's backs. 
Worse than gossip, don't you think? 
How we're always raving on and on about how witty or brilliant someone is, how big-hearted or visionary. 
And I don't mean just authors. 
In general, folks are kind of shy about tooting each other's horns, up close and personal. 

So, I want to send a great big shout-out to Michael Buckley for his Sisters Grimm series. We're on Book 3 and some nights my husband just keeps on reading after the girls nod off because he wants to see what's gonna happen next. And I've honed a very fine Granny Relda accent. A bit Bavarian.

And also to Rick Riordan, 'cause we still can't stop thinking about old Percy and the half-blood gang. I mean, creating an obsession in the Greek myths amongst the elementary school set? You gotta love him for that.

And also to Cynthia Rylant for making my heart split open everytime I read one of her books. She's the whole reason I'm writing for kids. Honest to pete.

And also to Alice Munro 'cause she makes my heart split open, too.

I mean, I could go on here but I won't because I've got to get word to these folks directly. 'Cause that's the point. Right?

One lucky reader, signing off...