July 8th, 2007



Tra la la la la. I'm in Colorado, which I where I lived for 15-some years of my life and its the home o' my heart, to be sure. I CRY the first time I see the mountains. Every time.

I flew in a couple of days ago for a wedding and the rental car company saw fit to give me this jaunty little buttery yellow thang, with a sun roof no less. And I've read three books and chatted up all sorts of friends and family. And married off a cousin whom I cradled when she was a baby. And cradled another's cousin infant for the first time. It's the good life. 

The only downside was missing my daughters in their big, final, city-wide swim meet. My husband text-messaged me during the entire thing, especially when our elder water bug won the breast stroke for her age group. Won.

It just bowls me over that they grow up and take on the world like this, our little ones.

So, I know it's not poetry friday but I found a swimming poem that I thought I'd post, in honor. And pride. And all that...

Swimming Lessons

by Lisa Hammond Rashley

Minnows and their moms
hurry in           no running
no floaties         they bob
in the shallow end     feet
lighter than the air    outside
humid hot     hold your nose
dunk     then    sleek heads
break water       gasp in air