April 13th, 2007


Poetry Friday -- Being Five

I don't have time for much musing this morning, since I'm off for the TLA Conference in San Antonio! So excited to see what's front-and-center on publishers' tables, and to bump shoulders with librarians (aka Writers' Guardian Angels).

So, in the interest of time -- and nepotism notwithstanding -- two poems, both written by my daughters when they were each, respectively, five:

Fall Poem

The Spring is green
All over 
In the woods

And then leaves drop
From the trees
Because it’s autumn

And branches want 
To soon be 
In the snowy banks below

The Arrow

I had a piece of paper
and pencil.
I did not know what to draw.
I drew a triangle.
And a line.
It made an arrow!

I mean, I recognize my bias but these have characteristics I try to encourage in college students -- vivid imagery, confidence of voice, and a sense of discovery and surprise. 

I think this is why I write for and with children. And why I'm a mom...