April 9th, 2007


Easter Baskets

The girls each got a new skort and a paperback book in their Easter baskets this morning -- along with their body weight in chocolate. 

Tonight, as we sit down to crack the spines on the new books, our eldest asks, "How does the Easter bunny know our sizes?"

"Yeah," her younger sister chimes in, "or what kind of books we're into?"

Pause, pause, while I think, This is it. We're busted. 

Their stares are decidedly skeptical.

But then, lo and behold, before I get the chance to put my foot in my mouth, elder daughter says, "You told him, didn't you?"

"Yep, she told him," confirms her sister.

And that is that.

My Lucky Day

I just got an email announcing that I won a copy of Cures for Heartbreak by Margo Rabb -- thanks to a Random House contest! 

I loved Margo's virtual tour -- when she visited Fuse #8, Big A, little a, A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy, and others. Her open, touching interviews inspired me to read this tear-jerker of a YA ,and now it's coming directly to my doorstep. 

Here's what some of the reviewers have to say:

Booklist (Starred Review):
“Rabb leavens impossible heartbreak with surprising humor, delivered with a comedian’s timing and dark absurdity. 

School Library Journal (Starred Review):

“Black humor, pitch-perfect detail, and compelling characters make this a terrific read, despite the pain that permeates every superbly written page. As Mia struggles to make sense of her mother's death and her father's illness, she also sees humor in everyday situations, and her irreverent commentary brings the story to life.”

The Bulletin (Starred Review):
“This is undeniably a book of anguish, it's also one of raw strength and casual, clever humor in random and surprising places, making it a compelling as well as tearful read.”

Here's what I have to say:

I'm feeling lucky. Now please pass the kleenex.