April 2nd, 2007

head shot

April Fools

This weekend was a laugh riot at our house. 

Funny faces stuck to Daddy's back. Green milk in my coffee. A six-year-old dressed up like an aardvark, complete with pointy paper claws taped to the end of each fingernail. (I'm not sure if the joke here was that we have an aardvark for a daughter or that -- surprise -- she's not really an aardvark. Either way, it was funny.)

But here's the thing. All of these jokes unwound on Saturday. Which was March 31st. 

That's right. Our whole family spent about two hours cuttin' it up on the wrong day. By the time Sunday rolled around, we'd exhausted our creative depths and besides, nothing is as funny as celebrating April Fool's Day in March.

Now what's today again?