March 25th, 2007


Non-Kid Lit Blogs

ooouufff... I've been tagged by my friends at A Year of Reading.

Inquiring minds want to know which blogs I busy myself with (did someone say procrastinate??) besides the usual suspects (i.e. children's authors, librarians and reviewers...)

Well, ahem:

My swankio designer chums, Shannon Lowry of Round Robin Press and Kathie Sever of Ramonsterwear both post blogs that are more visual than verbal. Feast yer eyes....

I like stopping in to read the latest commentary on MOMbo (broadcasting the everyday truth about motherhood in order to save the world) and, since February, MOMbo host Nanci Oelsen's been blogging, too.

Facing Inward -- my favorite yoga blog because it's also about motherhood and marriage, making it accessible for yogamamas like me.

World Nomads Adventure, if I'm feeling restless. Lotta lotta lotta travel blogs. Yearning, lusting, checking the balance on our frequent flier accounts...

And for all my  other daily nutritional needs, Salon. Not technically a blog, I know, but gimme a break here. 

Now, let's here from Jennifer Ziegler, Chris Barton and Alison Dellenbaugh.