March 20th, 2007

head shot

And The Glass Is...

Half Full -- We vacationed last week in the Bahamas! Have you seen the color of that water?

Half Empty -- Both girls had stowed away nasty viruses in their luggage.

Half Full -- Ibuprofin exists.

Half Empty -- I'd only brought about 3 doses of the kid stuff because, heck, we weren't gonna get sick in the Bahamas!

Half Full -- Both girls learned to swallow the adult version with nary a blink.

Half Empty -- Kids Ibuprofin must be mixed with something soothing and highly digestible. Adult Ibuprofin must not be.

Half Full -- Dear Dr. Gunabi drove the length of the Island to check on daughter #1 who was not getting well. He also showed us a walletful of photos of his beloved 6-year-old.

Half Empty -- Daughter #1 didn't recover quickly enough to come snorkling.

Half Full -- Daughter #2 did.

Half Empty -- We ran out of books to read.

Half Full -- The family from the bungalow next door left us a stack of theirs when they left.

Half Empty -- Most nights the kids crashed too early to see the stars.

Half Full -- When they made it past 9:00, they declared that the sky had "chicken pox". I love getting a city kid away from ambient light.

Half Empty -- We had to head for home.

Half Full -- When I told Daughter #1 that I was sorry she'd been sick, she laughed and said, "It's not like it was the worst vacation in the world!" And began reminiscing about the kayaking and the beach walks and the impromptu talent shows we put on in our room every night. 

Half Empty -- We're home now. And I'm coming down with something.

Half Full -- Which probably means I'll have a little time to catch up on my blog. Bottoms up...