March 9th, 2007


Poetry Friday -- Listen

Just a note to say that if you haven't yet discovered The Writer's Almanac, you oughtta. 

It's a most quirky and delightful 5-minute segment by Garrison Keillor, chronicling all things word-ly. 

On our own beloved KUT, it plays every weekday morning at 10:25. See if you can find it on your public radio station -- or you can listen online which, to my midwestern ears, is a comfort. More so than mere reading...

Keillor closes each day with a poem. Here's an excerpt from Monday's, by Todd Davis:

While We Wait for Spring

The last three days snow has fallen.
No thaw this year, no day even above
twenty since the end of December.
Climbing the hill, my two boys slip, fall,
stand again. They complain, but there's nothing
to be done...

On that note, I'll sign off for a week. 
We are headed to warmer climes (yes, even warmer than Texas) to kick around in sifted sand and blue waters.

Be well...