March 1st, 2007

head shot

Techno Wizardry

This is gonna bring the house down. 

Or maybe not, since everyone else in the blogosphere already seems to have a solid handle on how to link and tag and invite and post and download and what not. 

But me? I'm still thinking papyrus and birchbark are good ideas. When my computer goes wonky on me, I either shake it like a soda machine or get out the sage smudge stick and try something ceremonial. 

So, it's a red-letter day when I get a little better handle on anything around here. Under the tutelage of folks more technically gifted than I, like the luverly Shannon Lowry, I have figured out how to input aesthetically pleasing links rather than just having folks click on long, ugly, cumbersome url addresses. 

It was a post about a week ago that convinced me I better make the leap into deeper waters. It was littered with hightlighted html gobbledy-gook, illegible really, but not now! 

Lest you think that I'm going to go back and retroactively clean up all my posts, let me assure you that even I am not that driven to waste time. I just tidied up that one for practice. As my kids would say, "Easy breezy lemon squeezy."

I'm loathe to say how easy it was, in fact. But it's like all the other forward motion in our lives -- so much possibility there for the taking... whenever we're ready. Yee haw!