January 30th, 2007

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Little Known Factoids

Wham – I’ve been tagged. Funny lady and writer gal pal Jennifer Ziegler (http://jenniferziegler.livejournal.com/) got me. She says everyone is doing it.

The rules: Each participant shares five little-known facts about themselves and selects five new folks to be tagged, listing their names and letting them know they’ve been tagged.
So here’re mine:
  1. As a teen, I got a perm. You have to know me to fully appreciate the absurdity of this. Hello, Medusa. There was no need, I assure you. But it was the ‘80s and I was trying to follow that old “When in Rome…” adage to the letter. Fortunately there's scanty photographic evidence that this took place. (I also tried a Dorothy Hammill haircut once. Ditto everything above except it was the 70’s rather than 80’s. Trends should have gatekeepers, don’t you think?)
  2. In 5th grade, I wanted to play the drums but the band teacher told me, “Girls don’t play drums; you can choose the flute or clarinet.” I choose flute, polished it a bunch and got the only solid F of my academic career. These days I mostly clap and hum. 
  3. I read Love Story every summer from age 11 ‘til age 16 and each time I thought Jennifer might not die this time. Oliver thought so, too.
  4. My lucky number is 4. To note: my birthday (4/4); number of people in my family (4); number of people in the family I grew up in (4); the terminal number of many of my addresses over the years (674, 124, 324, 604 and two Apt. #4s); not to mention elements on earth, arrows on a compass, quarters to a dollar and seasons in a year. OK, maybe not in Texas. But technically, right?
  5. Once, I pulled away from the gas pump without taking the nozzle out of my tank and I pulled the hose off with me. Did you know that those hoses are designed to disconnect? Still, I’ve been trying to pay better attention since then…
Now, how about some of my peeps? What’s up with youse guys?
Fabric artiste Kathie Sever (http://www.ramonsterwear.com/Blog.html )
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Drawing dad Don Tate (http://devast.blogspot.com/ )