January 11th, 2007

head shot


Muchos gracias to Tasha at Kids Lit (http://www.greenlakelibrary.org/kidslit/ ), DonTate at Devas T. (http://devast.blogspot.com/ ), and Kelly at Big A little a (http://kidslitinformation.blogspot.com/ ) for calling out my blog to their fine and faithful readers. So happy to share the airwaves with you all…
Kudos to Baranoff Elementary School for hosting a really vivid Young Author’s Conference today. What a delight – working with all those wide-eyed kids, and chatting with so many shining writer-folk. My students crafted some real metaphoric gems, including: “horns like ski poles”… “orange as honey”… and “a dollar bill, green like a leaf and crinkly.”

Lucky Austinites: Rumor has it that my own personal and fabulous illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser is coming to town in late March. Living and breathing, up close and personal. Yea!! Stay tuned – I’ll fill you in on details when I’ve got them.
Hurrah for my clever friend and children’s writer Polly Robertus (The Dog Who Had Kittens, Holiday House, 1992) who’s just sold a middle grade novel to the same house. Perseverance paid off and we’ll all be the luckier for it.
Deep bows to the wise Carrie Contey (http://www.earlyparenting.com/index.html ) for offering her amazing insights to my beloved group of Goodness gals. She’s agreed to work with us in making the most of our art and our lives. There was firecracker energy in the room the other night as we got started. Don’t you love being around people who’ve got great big dreams?