January 7th, 2007


Starting a Book


Inadvertently reinforce procrastinative habits by stumbling upon a Great Idea while surfing the web.

Have two glasses of wine in honor of the G.I.

Fantasize about winning the Newbery or a Pulitzer or both.

Mull over G.I. for a few more days, looking for a good reason not to write it after all.

Clean out silverware drawer.

Consider the merits and/or contraindications of writing a book without caffeine. Drink a lot of expensive decaf coffee drinks during this deep philosophical inquiry.

Admit that you are powerless in the face of the G.I.


Have two more glasses of wine.

Clean out desk drawer, under the influence.


Go to library for research materials. Come home with a lot of cute books to read to the kids.

Set up coffee dates with other writers who know all about wine, silverware and procrastination.

Spend a whole day reading a baby name book and toying with the idea of naming the protagonist Tigress.

Realize that Tigress rhymes with digress and that the storyline has veered off course before it’s even been committed to paper.

Dream, with vivid historical accuracy, about being a nurse during World War I. Realize that it’s easier being a writer than being a nurse.

Open up a whole new document. Stare at the blank white screen.

Do not get up to get a glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Even decaf.


“Ruth tried to keep her chin up. Literally, tilted toward the top of the stairs as she headed to bed. This is her job, her mother'd said, here at home, with Father off at war. To keep her chin up. Ruth tried, but tears pooled cooly in the wells of her cheeks and she finally dropped her head to let them fall."

OK, one cup of coffee. But don't touch the bloody silverware...