Liz Garton Scanlon (liz_scanlon) wrote,
Liz Garton Scanlon

Poetry Friday -- Poetry Sisters Renku

Well, it's been awhile since my beloved Poetry Sisters and I
have banded together to make merry.
Life, as you know, interferes. 
But as we chatted during National Poetry Month,
we thought of an easy way to rectify that:

We worked together on a renku -- a string of haiku and 2-lined stanzas -- linked seasonally and semantically.
Andromeda debuted it on her blog this morning and I'm going to share it here, too:

The Poetry Sisters' Daisy Chain

fall leaf in April
wearing last season's fashions--
shunned by the green crowd                           lps

nature’s first green is gold
progeny emerge in flame                                aj    

white melts into green
gardens blush Crayola proud  
blooming shades of spring                              tsh

strolling down the pebble path
rose-cheeked dreamer lost in thought            aj

palest pink dogwood
April breezes whisper by
petals flutter down                                          kf

ink dries on palest pages
garden rows plow down sillion                       aj

Brash green garter snake
Hoe laid beside June daisies
Book and tart limeade                                   sh

serpent jewel, puckered words,
work abandoned, glory claimed                    aj

afternoon drifts by                                       
wispy clouds, half-closed eyelids
distant playground sounds                              lps

cloud congestion, dully pewter
petrichor from distant patters                       td

tapped on leaden skies                                td
rain’s persistent percussion
arrhythmic ad lib    

a morse-code chicken scratch                     lgs
a fresh start too hard to resist

the rain leaves its mark --                             lgs
such an inscrutable plot
begs to be re-read

red again so soon and down
persimmon fingers shiver                             aj

(Much love and credit to Laura Purdie Salas, Andromeda Jazmon, Tricia Stohr-Hunt, Kelly Fineman, Sara Lewis Holmes and Laura Purdie Salas...)

Visit Wild Rose Reader for Poetry Friday today. 


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