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April 6 - Haiku 6
We're nearing the end of the first week of National Poetry Month. 

Today's my day to catch up on reading what everyone else is writing and sharing -- and you can, too, by going to Read, Write, Howl for Poetry Friday, by signing up for Knopf's Poem-a-Day or Poem-a-Day from the Academy of American Poets, and by turning up your speakers and enjoying poetry read aloud at the Poetry Foundation.

Personally, my yearly April pleasure is a daily haiku. It is both very manageable and very intentional, and I find myself thinking about words and lines and turns and surprises throughout the day. This morning, for example, started early for me and my sweet new pooch. Just us and the moon and a few haiku...

Haiku 6 (plus 2)

moon hung like a prop
stretches shadows long and dark;
dog raises hackles

blossoms on the street -- 
pup thinks they might be tasty
but they're for the birds

who tipped the trashcan --
fat raccoon with kits to feed?
reuse, recycle

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Moon, raccoon
pup and blooms:
lovely snapshots

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