Liz Garton Scanlon (liz_scanlon) wrote,
Liz Garton Scanlon

Poetry Friday -- Gratitude 15

It is winter here in Austin, Texas.

Laugh all you want, but truly --
the seasons have changed.

The skies this week are a constant papery-white -- a non-color, really.
The rain gauges rise and the temperatures fall.
The beds and baths are so warm and right.

Which makes me even more appreciative than usual of my running partners, my workout pals, the folks willing to join me (or twisting my arm to join them) at 5:30 in the morning, in the dark and cold (and, truth be told, the heat of summer too) to get our heart rates up and our sweat broken. I don't know how I've been lucky enough to find you guys all these years, but I do know that I wouldn't be out there day after day after day if I hadn't. 

With you guys, it's not just for the exercise. It's for the humor and the conversation, the comaraderie, the fresh air, the energy, the rising sun and the setting moon. I cannot imagine a better way to start my day...


it’s a strange time which finds me jogging
in early morning
the deadness of sleep alive in this world
the empty parks filled with unloved strangers
buildings grey with solitude

(Read the rest here...)

(Poetry Friday is here...)
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