Liz Garton Scanlon (liz_scanlon) wrote,
Liz Garton Scanlon

Haiku 20, 21, 22, 23

Another week with no real time at my desk.
A lovely problem to have.
So here, from my journal, are my haibuns....


this head of romaine
a gargantuan bouquet
the whole world's salad

Today's veggie basket bore beets and turnips, spinach and radishes and the most spectacular head of lettuce I've ever seen in my life. Tonight, caesar salad for everyone!


middle of the bridge
between bright birds and water
a piano waits

There is a public art project in Austin right now -- 15 pianos set around town -- in parks and on paths, near streets, atop bridges -- there for the playing. When my mom and dad and I walked around the lake this morning, we passed three, stopped to play one, and then listened to a guy play a bluesy piece while his friend accompanied him on her accordion. And then we carried on...


candy-colored dye
vinegar and white wax crayons
each egg a canvas

In spring, we read outside, eat outside, shuck corn, make crafts and take naps outside.
It's too nice to waste, this weather. 
So this morning, out we went with our little plastic cups of orange and turquoise and blue, and our hard-boiled eggs.
The squirrels worried and the wind blew and we created these shining little balls of light...


missing cat is back
with matted hair, and limping
I wish he could talk

We have two old boy cats and one of them, in particular, is a wanderer. About once a year he'll take off for a few days, we'll worry that he's gone for good, and then he'll come trotting back in, meowing for food. This time it was a full week, and he's older, and the days are hot and dry. I'd even posted on the neighborhood listserv and checked the animal shelter. No luck. Until tonight, when he arrived -- looking as if he'd been on an epic journey. Skinny and beat up, but alive. It is so odd to wonder where he's been and what he's been through, and to know that we'll never know...
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