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Poetry Friday -- Haiku 8
head shot

long tail of the cat
blessed and folded into
the baby's fat hands

My friend Andi is celebrating National Poetry Month over at her blog, too.
In fact, she's the one who told me about haibun and encouraged me to give it a whirl.
(I have to say I'm loving the process...)

Earlier this week, she riffed a little off of one of my poems
Now I've done the same with one of her's.

She wrote the middle line, above, and used it in a poem about origami.
I've re-purposed it here, to fit the baby who visited today --
a rosy 8-month-old who practiced standing at the coffee table and rolled across the rug and let me kiss her curls. 

Babies are one of life's delights... though the cats may disagree.

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I love this! That is exactly what it's like when you get baby + cat together. Some cats can take it, some can't. The baby's hands are so sweet = I love how I can see this!

You were meant to blog. It has inspired me to start my own blog on barrie dentist

tanita says:

Hah! I can imagine the cats aren't thinking much of folding and blessings at present...

Love yours and Andi's haiku riffs! Te-riff-ic. :)

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