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Poetry Roundup -- Right Here!!
It is Spring in Austin, Texas! 
My kids are on vacation in about 7 hours!
I have a new book out (I'm sure you'll all be surprised to know that it rhymes!)
And I pressed send on a new manuscript last night, right about as the clock struck twelve!

What better way to celebrate it all than with a poetry party.
Wanna come?

Leave your link in the comments and I'll round ya up throughout the day...
Welcome, and thanks, for coming!

Now here's a little somethin' to get you started:



I’m shouting
I’m singing
I’m swinging through trees
I’m winging skyhigh
With the buzzing black bees.
I’m the sun
I’m the moon
I’m the dew on the rose.
I’m a rabbit
Whose habit
Is twitching his nose.

(Read the rest here...)

Now, here's an original from Ruth at There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town

At Carol's Corner, you'll find an Edgar Guest Poem

Laura Salas celebrates with a book trailer for her new book Bookspeak (!!!) and, as always, here's her 15-Words-Or-Less contribution.

Robyn Hood Black's hanging out with Rebecca Kai Dotlich (lucky her!)

Amy at The Poem Farm shares a "sweet" original.

Tabatha Yeatts brings us Lisel Mueller today.

You'll find some Victor Hugo at Dori Reads.

Check out the digital poetry at Random Noodling, a discussion on making poetry at Kurious Kitty, and an Eavan Boland quote at Kurious K's Kwotes.

Oh, and enjoy the book spine poem at 100 Scope Notes!

Our friends at Paper Tigers highlight Mongolian poet Dashdongdog Jamba.

Jama's celebrating my favorite fruit today, at Alphabet Soup!

Irene Latham shares a stepmom original at Live. Love. Explore!

Tanita Davis is working her way through some tricky T.S. Eliot this lenten season.

There's a review of Eileen Spinelli's newish novel-in-verse over at Secret's and Sharing Soda.

The Write Sisters and Basho join so many of us, thinking of our brothers and sisters in Japan.

Happy Birthday to Heidi at my juicy little universe. She celebrates with an original.

And Elaine is being original (and seasonal) over at Wild Rose Reader, and also at Blue Rose Girls!

You can read some George Herbert at Semicolon today.

Jeannine Atkins is discussing poets as protagonists. Cool!

Read an original Charles Ghigna at Bald Ego.

The wonderful Mary Lee at A Year of Reading is in with another spring poem -- or, rather, a waiting for spring poem.

Blythe Woolston brings us a powerful video and an original poem.

Carlie at Twinkling Along shares an original, too.

And check out the Mother Goose take-offs at fomagrams!

Julie Larios has a Lorca poem at The Drift Record.

You can read a Schulyer poem at Learning to Let Go.

Get your groove on with April Halprin Wayland over at Teaching Authors.

My friend Andi at a wrung sponge reviews Dave the Potter today.

Jone brings us more spring, via William Carlos Williams, at Check it Out.

You can read some Lorine Niedecker as part of Women's History Month at The Small Nouns.

Carol Rasco (of RIF) shares a piece by Kevin Young, from Ardency

A first-timer from Books, Dogs and Frogs shares haiku, with good thoughts toward Japan.

Tara at A Teaching Life offers us Mary Oliver.

Sally Thomas at A Castle in the Sea shares an original piece.

And you can go get your Irish Fix at All About the Books with Janet Squires.

I'll add any last additions late tonight or in the morning.
In the meantime, be well and happy reading!

Just a couple of late additions:

You can read an original at pearlygirltoo.

And at The Quill and Crayon? A post on the camellia flower.

Thanks for stopping by friends!

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Love your Spring poem. It's supposed to be in mid-60's today after mid-20's at the beginning of the week. And I will go looking for your new book this weekend…

I'm in with an old, old poem by Edgar Guest. Someone made a slide show of it on youtube that is really beautiful.

Love that Kuskin poem! Great way to roll into the weekend.

I'm all about raspberries today, with a poem by Karin Gottshall and a muffin recipe courtesy of Jeannine Atkins:


Yay for sending out another manuscript!

Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for hosting today.

Hi, Liz--

Thanks for throwing a spring poetry party that coincides with my birthday. : )
I'm in with a new poem of my own that grows out of a teaching experience I had this week. As usual, I'll be back over the weekend to check out all the posts, but in the meantime Karla Kuskin is just the antidote to my desire to plant my head in a hole and ignore Libya, earthquakes, tsunamis and Wisconsin!

Re: Heidi Mordhorst ("Wood Work")

Happy Birthday!

Yay for new books and pressing send! I hope you have a nice vacation filled with good reading, and if you don't mind, send a little spring to Massachusetts, please!

I wrote about two books with poets as protagonists, The Secret River by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and Taking Off by Jenny Moss at

An Original Contribution

What a great poem you featured! That's exactly how I feel in spring! Thanks for sharing and hosting!

I have an original poem on my site: Twinkling Along

ah, karla. how i miss you.

i'm in this week with 3 more nursery rhymes revisited.


thanks for hosting, liz!

I'm not anonymous, but I'm having trouble with your comment form here. I'm Judy@Learning to Let Go. That's a delightful Kuskin poem! Mine is on a spring subject, Rain, by James Schuyler.


First timer here, but I've blogged about Issa's Haiku this Friday. The link is http://booksdogsandfrogs.wordpress.com/2011/03/11/poetry-friday-haiku/.

I'm just starting up my blog, but I like these theme days, give some structure so I'm not just randomly posting stuff.

I'm in today with two just-found Mary Oliver poems. I love the Kuskin poem - makes me smile!

Thanks for hosting.
My selection is "Irish poems: a collection for children" selected by Fiona Waters; illustrated by Peter Rutherford.

Poetry Friday - The Ring, Diane McPharlin


Love your ode to spring, I can just feel it!which is really great, since we in the Midwest are still in the throes, with just a hint of spring, which tempts one to throw the gloves and hat in the air, but with a quick retrieval for the next burst of frigid air! WE know it's not over yet!

Poetry Friday - The Ring, Diane McPharlin - corrected link


oops, I posted earlier and I think I posted the link incorrectly. Here it is, for sure!

And once again, loved your spring bunny poem! Has that 'spring has arrived' energy!

Re: Poetry Friday - The Ring, Diane McPharlin - corrected link

PS my email address is


Poetry Friday: The Camellia

Check out my post for Poetry Friday about a Camellia flower becoming a human (an excerpt from the 1847 book, The Flowers Personified: Being a Translation of Grandville’s “Les Fleurs Animees,” at my blog http://nicolemarieschreiber.wordpress.com

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