Liz Garton Scanlon (liz_scanlon) wrote,
Liz Garton Scanlon

Poetry Friday -- On Quitting

Last night, Olympian Ricky Berens made an appearance at my girls' swim team practice. 
He gave a little pep talk and let the kids pass his gold medal around
and then they got in the pool and he put 'em through their paces. 

They did freestyle drills, mostly.
They talked about breathing. 
And kicking.
The basics. 

It served as a reminder that that's how we all get from here to there.
Breathing, kicking, the basics.
Whether we're swimming or running, writing or painting, or just flat out making it through each day...

On Quitting


How much grit do you think you’ve got?
Can you quit a thing that you like a lot?
You may talk of pluck; it’s an easy word,
And where’er you go it is often heard;
But can you tell to a jot or guess
Just how much courage you now possess?

(Read the rest here...)

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