Liz Garton Scanlon (liz_scanlon) wrote,
Liz Garton Scanlon

Poetry Friday -- A Month of Poems

My only beef with National Poetry Month is the presumption that poetry be relegated to a single month -- a terrible misinterpretation that would narrow the scope of the art rather than explode it wide open, which I'm sure was the founders' intent. 

So, if we all agree that reading poetry only in April would be like granting love or chocolate just 30 humble days of our attention, then we can move forward and celebrate.

Hark! The arrival of National Poetry Month, a time to truly wallow in words when ordinarily we might merely float, wade or dabble.

And for the 9th year running, Knopf makes this an especially lush immersion with their Poem-a-Day emails and podcasts. The lazy man's poetry search engine, Knopf does the work for you -- selecting and sending a single piece each day in April. Your job is just to sit back, and absorb.

Knopf has published some of the country's most beloved poets over the years so really, you can look on it as a little survey primer. Or as a multicourse, prix fixe meal. Or as a spiritual ritual. Sort of like lighting candles only without the puddles of wax on the tablecloth.

Would you like a little taste of things to come? This, from the Knopf site and written by Franz Wright:

R e q u e s t

Please love me
and I will play for you
this poem
upon the guitar
I myself made
out of cardboard and black threads
when I was ten years old.
Love me or else.

—Franz Wright

from THE BEFORELIFE (c) 2001 by Franz Wright

How can you resist? And why should you?
Happy National Poetry Month. Bon Voyage.


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