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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 7
This one's in honor of my Small One,
sweet, wild and upside down...

Haiku 7

she walks on her hands
through dirt and clover and dew
her feet touch the sky

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She is just the kind of small one I would imagine for you.

"Her feet touch the sky" Love your Small One :)!

Sweet, wild, and upside down. Love that. :)

Oh. Lovely. I saw my own small one's feet, blue polish and dragonflies, dancing through YOUR poem ...

Ah, yes...that is your Small One. =)

Tanita Says :)

There's something so fun about seeing the world from another angle. I always love to do a handstand in the pool or sit on the bottom and look up through the water at the sky.

Perspective. Life with a view. It's a beautiful thing.

Elaine M.

I just LOVE this haiku!

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