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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 6
Yesterday marked another day I was able to write a haiku but unable to post it.
I'll rectify that now, with my very seasonal little piece.

I am more appreciative of spring this year than I often am.

Partly because our winter was (and I can see you northerners rolling your eyes and guffawing here) particularly wet, cold and gray.

And also because this spring itself is exceptionally beautiful -- with cool mornings and evenings, and more bluebonnets than I've ever seen.

But also, at the most fundamental level, because we're sort of in thick over here in terms of human drama and struggle. And we are positively hungry for spring (with all its complementary natural and pagan metaphors and literalisms about fresh starts and rebirth and growth and possibility.)

You may be, too.
There's certainly plenty to go around...

Haiku 6

sixteen different greens
in this one view of our street
and each one breathing

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Oh this one stopped my heart for a moment. Beautiful.

12 years ago this week I started chemo. That spring, we went for weekly walks in the woods and hungrily noticed every sign of life and regeneration, kept track of every new wildflower that bloomed.

12 years ago. (I'm just sayin'...)

We've been hungry for spring, too -- and this poem captures that feeling perfectly. Thank you for sharing. *Sends virtual hug*

Tanita Says :)

Oh, lovely. Breathing green. Breath of Heaven is the name of a plant that has the loveliest scent in both flower and stalk. It's a woody little bush, actually, and it's so gorgeous. I love the name, because it's the phrase of a prayer I've heard -

Breath of heaven, hold me together,
Be forever near me,
Breath of heaven...

Breathe it in.

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