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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 5
Ferry Wake
One of the things I love about living where we live is that we can bike to school all year round.
Sometimes it's still a little dark, sometimes it's still a little chilly, but we load up with backpacks and lunchbags and binders and pedal our way toward the morning bell.
The girls are inevitably awake and in possession of improved moods by the time we pull up to the bike rack in front of school.

This morning I watched all the neighborhood squirrels navigate the power lines as the sun came up.
Meanwhile, Small One recited her Shakespeare lines and Tall One told us about an idea she has for a story.
(What I wouldn't do for all her ideas...)

A few minutes later, they were both ensconsed in their classrooms and I was taking an easy ride home...

Haiku Five

Squirrels can't stop to talk
Their telephone lines waver
and they hurry on

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I love the little glimpses into your life as setups for your haiku.

This one, as the others, is lovely.

I love the image of the three of you bicycling to school together, with one of your daughters reciting poetry and the other sharing ideas for a story. I'm also smiling at your haiku. It's amazing to think of all that we can capture in writing when we're paying attention. Hope you are having a good week.

Yes! Joining the others in saying how much I love picturing the three of you riding to school. Moments, special moments.

I mis the days of walking my son to school. It used to be me, him, the dog, and his giant baritone horn pulled on one of those foldable luggage carts. The three of you on bicycles are much more graceful, I'll bet. :)

I love how your haiku are not condensed versions of your day, but tiny, intimate glimpses into it.

Tanita Says :)

Hah! I love that. Our squirrels definitely chatter on the go -- somewhere they must tuck cellphones...

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