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National Poetry Month -- Haiku 4
head shot
I didn't log in yesterday.
It was Easter, it was Sunday and it was my birthday.
There were eggs to hunt and languid cups of coffee to enjoy.

But, I did write my haiku.
I mean, really, it almost feels like cheating when the weather is this fine. 
How could one not come up with 17 syllables out of all this goodness?

So, here goes. And today's haiku will follow in a separate post...

Haiku 4

wind stirs the bamboo leaves
the sound of raindrops falling -- 
will it fool the frogs?

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I love frogs and I can totally picture this! Thank you.

Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a wonderful birthday and a very happy Easter. The last line of this haiku is really a treasure. I loved it.

We drive past a patch of bamboo every day and my kids are mystified with it. They thought it was just for Pandas in far off countries...

I love this image of the wind sounding like rain and the frogs waiting. Thanks for the treat!

Happy Belated Birthday wishes to you, Liz!

Tanita Says :)

I miss my bamboo. The sound in the wind is indeed an amazing... pattering. Lovely.

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