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National Poetry Month -- Haiku Three
head shot
We spent a lot of time outdoors today --
it's that time of year here.
We potted some pretty spring plants (with a bias toward pink zinnias),
dyed Easter eggs in a friend's backyard, 
and walked the dog more than once. 
(Which is unnecessary since she's fifteen, but who could resist?)

Most of what I notice right now is the smell of grape hyacinth in the air, the almost-perfect non-tempature and the birds, nesting. But today there was also a little something in the air...

Haikus Three

Try to catch your breath,
the air yellowed with pollen
and heavy with spring.

Again this morning,
oak droppings on the front stoop;
I reach for my broom.

Trees reproducing
with sticky vigor and lust;
blatant and straight-up.

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Isn't it great when they come in threes?

My favorite is the middle one. Something about the tension between the beauty and the chores... loving trees can be complex.

Tanita Says :)

Ah, the little leaves, opening "stickily," as Edna St. Vincent Millay said. Straight up lust -- lust for life. A command performance, which commands us as well. Carpe diem.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I really liked "with sticky vigor and lust."

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