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Poetry Friday -- National Poetry Month, Haiku Two
head shot
We are lucky to live in a neighborhood where, when the weather's right,
everyone spills out of their houses into the street.
Dogs being taken on supposed walks lie down in each other's yards while their folks talk.
Kids push their scooters and their chalk right down the middle of the pavement,
and there are a couple of basketball hoops in frequent use.

This afternoon, my Small One and I were out there in the midst of it all when something flew overhead --
so close we all ducked a little bit. It is spring here, the season of bright surprises.

Haiku 2
April 2, 2010

hawk floats overhead --
mistaken for a vulture
it reveals itself

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This gave me lovely thoughts. Thank you!

Any bird big enough to throw its shadow across you is a surprise! On our bike ride earlier in the week, we were overshadowed by vultures. Hawks are way more fun!

I love being surprised by hawks!

Tanita Says :)

That's a lovely exchange -- I mean, vultures have their place, but I always prefer the pure power and beauty of a hawk to the sort of plucked chicken neck looking vulture...

...but, both beauty and clean-up have their place. A good thought.

What an awesome surprise! Hope there are more awesome surprises in store for you this weekend. Jeni

When we lived on base, the kids would spill out onto the streets like this. Adults too. I miss it. I also used to try to time my exits through the base gate so that I was directly under the shadow of a landing jet. Hee. Quite loud, bone-shaking, and fun. Hawks are much quieter. :)

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