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Poetry Friday -- Edward Hirsch
Sometimes when I'm a little cold and a little blue,
I just like to open all the windows and get colder and bluer.
Well, I mean, not literally.
It's freezing here and I've got the heat cranked.
But I do love a good wallow now and again.

So this morning I decided to read a bunch of Edward Hirsch -- I thought I'd start with The Night Parade because it's very midwestern and a little desolate, but also nostalgic, which fit the bill for where I wanted to be. But one thing led to another and before long I was here, with this poem, feeling different. Lighter. A little warmer. And on my way to the library...

Branch Library

by Edward Hirsch

I wish I could find that skinny, long-beaked boy
who perched in the branches of the old branch library.

He spent the Sabbath flying between the wobbly stacks
and the flimsy wooden tables on the second floor,   

(Read the rest here and you can listen to it here, too...)

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Hirsch spoke at the National Book Festival. If you ask me, he never lost that boy, seeking, always seeking.

I saw him years ago at the Geraldine Dodge Festival and was so inspired. Oooo -- that's where us Princesses should meet up sometime -- the Dodge festival!!!

I just Googled it. (Google is the "word of the decade" by the way.) The Festival is in Newark, NJ this year---only a short train ride for me!

Yes, that's where it always is. I spent the advance on my first book to go to it. Years ago (I was newly pregnant with Small One.) It is SPECTACULAR!!! What're the dates this year?

No dates yet---it just says Fall 2010. I would be sooooo up for this!

Oh my gosh. Seriously. Me, too. Shall we alert the team?

Nice. I'm enjoying fond memories of our little hometown library on Saturday and the stacks of books I lugged home for the week!

I know, right? Me, too...

I love that line: "But I do love a good wallow now and then." Perfect for this time of year.

By the way, my children and I adore your "A Sock is a Pocket for Your Toes." I give it as gifts, it's so wonderful. Just saying. :-)


Oh, Hannah, thank you!!! What a treat for me to hear...

That is a wonderful poem! Thank you for posting it. I'll have to pass this along to my librarian friends. :) I've missed visiting Poetry Friday over the (busy!!) holiday season, but now that I have a little more time again for blog visiting, it's been so rewarding to get turned on to new poems and poets.

I'm just back in blogville too... so much fun to catch up...

Sondy at Sonderbooks.com

That's just delightful! I'm a Youth Services Librarian at a branch library, and love that way of looking at it.
I'm doing Mother Reader's Comment Challenge and noticed your blog. Your own writing is poetic. I will have to visit again!

Re: Sondy at Sonderbooks.com

I'm so glad you stopped by, Sondy!

"It's freezing here and I've got the heat cranked."

That made me LAUGH. It was not what I was expecting there, and, ah, so true. I would really rather wallow in some kind of comfort.

I have to put "Branch Library" up in the staff room.

(Oh, that's me--Adrienne. I didn't sign in.)

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