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Poetry Friday -- The New Year

New Year's Day

Usually I consider


the new year

the beginning

of so much

ever since 1st grade

in that red felt jumper

my name on my backpack

and my missing teeth.


But today

I’ll go ahead

and take January 1st

at her word – the dirt

nearly mud, so eager

for this year’s

Drummond Phlox

and Gayfeather;

the morning light

clear enough to trust

that it will last.


In each bed

in this house

the people I love

still sleep – to think,

their days not even

begun yet!

while mine has,

unhurried but mindful

that by tonight,

the full moon

like the year

will have already begun

its slight wane.

– L.G.S., 1/1/10

(Poetry Friday hosted today by the most excellent Mary Lee at A Year of Reading)

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Oh my this is lovely! My favorite line: "the dirt

nearly mud, so eager "

Congratulations on your book being short listed for the Cybils!! YAY!!!

Lots to love in this one... and you're so brave to share a fresh one. I especially love "the morning light/clear enough to trust" Inspiring!

Wonderful words, Liz. Thank you for sharing them - and Happy New Year!

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