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Think Big
Thanks to my fabulous matchmaker of an agent, this announcement from Publishers Marketplace:

World rights to ALL THE WORLD author Liz Garton Scanlon's picture book THINK BIG, a lyrical celebration of imagination and creativity in many child-friendly forms, to Michelle H. Nagler at Bloomsbury Children's by Erin Murphy.

The illustrator thing isn't pinned down yet, but I'll keep you posted. He or she has a big job because this little wisp of a manuscript is only fifty-four words. No. I'm not kidding. Before long I'll be submitting individual dots instead of words.

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Hey, I'll read your dots...

Congrats! I love the title, and I'm sure you use your 54 words in BIG ways. Can't wait to read it.

I may even do textured dots. Braille style.



Michelle is one of my editors. She is fun and smart and amazing.

Woohoo! What happy news! I've decided I'd like to see inside your head because 54 words?! You must have a HUGE imagination!

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Either amazing or too lazy to write anything longer :)

Congratulations! Can't wait to see this. Keep us updated on illustrator!


I have a little glimmer that I'm very excited about, but nothing I can say out loud yet!

Awesome! Congrats!

And I'd read your dots.

I feel dumb cuz I don't know what this means. What exactly will be happening with your book? jen

You're not dumb -- it's just in industry-speak! My agent sold one of manuscripts (it's callled THINK BIG) so it'll be turning into a picture book sometime soon. (Take the word "soon" with a grain of salt, of course.)

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Thank you! (BTW -- it's the very short piece in couplets that I workshopped at AAW a year and a half ago!)



Very exciting! Congratulations!

Liz! Congratulations x 54. :-)

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